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   RC flying is an outdoor activity, and subject to the English weather. Flying is possible most months of the year. Just wear the appropriate clothing.

On days with strong winds (Gusts>20 mph) or heavy rain, flying is not generally possible/safe (depends on Aircraft and pilot) or much fun. For new pilots, lighter winds (gusts <12MPH) will be needed for easier training. Wind and weather is why no flight is the same, as pilot skills need to adapt to the changing conditions each week. Its part of the fun.

  On bad weather days, many members still meet at the field as we have a large warm mobile home where tea/coffee is consumed. Advice and opinions shared to create a fun and pleasant club atmosphere. Windy days can still be used to set-up aircraft and gain help/advice. 

 For our members, we use WhatsApp to provide news and weather updates from those already at the field, plus to organise club outings and evenings out.
TMAC is a club, not just about flying, for those wishing additional social activities.

  The weather information below is based on data from Shawbury, which is 5.8 miles north-west of our flying field. The field is 20 degrees offset from East-West. When we stand at the barrier to fly, the road behind us is towards the North. The left-hand end of the field is at 110° (North is 0°, East is 90°, South is 180°, West is 270°) and the right-hand end is at 290°.


   The numbers on the metal runway refer to these compass headings - so when you take-off uphill from the "hedge" end on 29, it means you are heading at 290°. Conversely, when we take-off downhill on 11, you are heading at 110°

   The new "cross-wind" take-off-only runway is perpendicular to the main runway, so has a heading of 200° (So runway number 20)

  The biggest focal point at our field is The Wrekin, which is 3.8 miles away, in an almost South-Easterly direction. The red box shows our circuit layout - although some pilots circuits are much larger than others!!!

   Hopefully this little overview will be useful to you when you look at the wind direction in the forecasts to determine whether you will be dealing with cross-winds when you go to fly!


The Wrekin, 3.8 miles

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